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We tailor you the perfect package: Aircraft selection and acquisition Civil Aviation Authorities compliance and registration Insurance coverage Flight Crew management Flight scheduling and coordination Engineering and Maintenance oversight
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Exclusive Aircraft Management 
Aircraft Management
Having the advantage to fly in your own aircraft should simplify your life  and your business, giving you more time to concentrate on your core  business, personal interests and family.  That’s where BURGAir Aviation jumps in. We accompany you from the first  wish of flying in your own aircraft up to the daily administrative, regulatory  and operational tasks. The BURGAir aircraft management program offers you:  Aircraft selection and acquisition  Cost and operation analysis in accordance with your needs and operating  budget to help determine your needs.  We will then discover the best opportunities in the world market and  arrange visual audit and demonstration flight, and execute price  negotiation for buyers. This will be followed by a comprehensive pre-  purchase technical inspection. Civil Aviation Authorities compliance and registration  The acquired aircraft must meet the civil aviation authorities requirements.  BURGAir can monitor this during the specification phase, at delivery and  continuously monitor this during its operation. If new regulations are  issued by the CAA, the owner will be informed about this and potential  consequences described. Insurance coverage The aircraft needs to be insured according to authorities regulations.  BURGAir continuously monitors the insurance market in order to secure  adequate coverage and competitive prices. This includes to adjust the  insurance details according to the dedicated flight crew experience. The insurance can be arranged through our insurance pool or through an  insurance company/broker appointed by the aircraft owner. Flight / Ground Crew management  Screening, selection, hiring, training, scheduling and payroll - we take care  of your dedicated flight and ground crew - all in one hand. With our own crew recruitment platform: bookapilot.aeroSM we have access to an exclusive and extensive database of current and well experienced  VVIP crews. Flight scheduling and coordination  BURGAir Aviation provides the tailored and detailed flight scheduling,  dispatch and ground handling for you, to fly whenever and wherever you  want. This 24/7 support includes coordination of flight crew, over flight and  landing permits, flight planning, handling arrangements, catering,  accommodation, limousine service and much more.  Transparency BURGAir Aviation provides detailed and transparent monthly finance  reporting and payments. With our aircraft management program you will  have statements and reports that are prepared to your specifications. We also provide annual budgeting, so you can already see in advance what  expenses will approach you.  See here budgets we have recently prepared for clients: Engineering and Maintenance oversight  BURGAir Aviation is managing all maintenance functions from trouble  shooting to rectification. We have close contact to the leading technical organizations (Part 145)  who can provide major overhauls and modifications. So you profit of the  very cost effective recurrent maintenance tasks. With our partner companies we can provide the continuing airworthiness  management to meet civil aviation authorities regulations. 
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