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Advantages for BURGAir Audit Service: Access to an extensive team of highly experienced Evaluators, Lead Auditors and Auditors on an as needed basis Eliminating the need to employ dedicated or full time audit personnel, therefore providing cost efficiencies to client organisations Ensuring efficient use of resources by only paying for subject matter experts as required Cost effective and time efficient use of expert personnel, allowing current company personnel to continue managing the business Providing resource flexibility to client organisations as they change and grow, by allowing clients to easily adjust their quality and audit functions in accordance with their business plans Enabling efficient management and delivery of client QA programmes, utilising qualified subject matter experts.
BURGAir’s Auditing Department assists organisations from general  aviation and airlines through to global regulatory authorities to achieve  their quality assurance objectives. BURGAir Audit Service offers specifically tailored auditing services to  suit the individual needs of each client. These services include: Operational (Flight, Cabin, Ground) Maintenance/Engineering Management Systems The BURGAir audit team is able to work with our clients Quality  Assurance Manager to ensure that the delivery of internal and external  supplier audits meets company and regulatory requirements.  The international organisations and authorities providing regulations and  guidance for the aviation industry: BURGAir’s Quality Management Service contains responsibility for all  aspects of the clients quality assurance programme, including the  programme management, audit planning and delivery, audit reporting,  follow-up and close-out. Under this service clients do not need to appoint any quality assurance  personnel internally, as all functions required to support a fully  operational, compliant and efficient programme are completed by  BURGAir. 
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Aviation Audit and Quality Management 
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Audit Service & Quality Management
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Audit Service / Quality Management